There are frequently asked questions and the answers.

Please advise how to buy OHMI products.

There is the local distributor in each area.
Please contact us if you'd like to have their information.

Please advise how to get OHMI catalog.

Please refer to PDF file

Can you help us to find the drive size of bits(sockets) suitable for the tool?

Please let us know the model No. of the tool.

Can you help us to find the point size of bits(sockets) suitable for the screw?

Please refer to Point size selecter
*It is reference for helping you to select correct point size but there are exceptions.
We recommend you to check point size of bits(sockets) you are using.

How long does it take for manufacturing custom made items?

It usually takes 4-6weeks to ship out from OHMI.

Are OHMI products heat-treated?

We choice the suitable heat-treatment for each purpose.

Can you manufacture the item we do own?

We'll check if we can manufacture it.
Please use CONTACT PAGE.
and send the drawing or something we can speicfy the item.

There is a technical question.

Please make inquiries using CONTACT PAGE.